The trouble with computers, of course, is that they’re very sophisticated idiots.

Fourth Doctor

Professor Clever Alien

Professor Clever Alien is a 3D cartoon based on a character sketch that I originally developed for a healthy eating campaign.

Update 01/2017:

Got him 3D printed on a PROJET 660 PRO.

More photos here.

Chris on May 30, 2013 at 6:12 pm

Today is the last day of a 5 month contract at General Dynamics UK in Newbridge. Sad to go. It was a fun project, the people were great and I’m gona miss South Wales…  Before I left I had to take a photo of the small Church that overlooked the GD carpark.  Heading back to sunny Crewe later….



My first publication in the The Computer Games Journal. The paper is: Correctly and accurately combining normal maps in 3D engines, which of course we all do routinely.

General Dynamics UK is a leading contractor and complex systems integrator working in partnership with government, military & civil forces and private companies around the world. As 3D Artist I worked on the R&D stage of a large scale, highly parallel crowd simulation, control and HD visualisation.

Responsible primarily for character art, environment art and animation.   A deep level of understanding, creative solutions and problem solving was required due to the bespoke nature of the software.  The project won ESTnet’s Innovative Product of the Year award.

Zeta Reticulans


Out of all the illustrations and descriptions of the typical ‘grey’ alien archetype, this particular image has fascinated me for years.  There’s something about the head shape and features that looks so creepy.  Its familiar and humanoid in some ways, yet very strange and alien in others.

Sculpt & Polypaint

Final Render


If I knew I wouldn’t need to ask. Don’t be obtuse, man!

Fourth Doctor

Character Emotions

Maya (mental ray)



Character Emotions (ut3)

Between Bateson & McKee (47 & Diana) dropped as voice actors and the trailer showing 47 as the complete opposite of a “silent assassin”, I’ve been pretty pessimistic about the new Hitman game.  Having now watched some of the game play I’m very much more hopeful.  Having said that, right at the end you get to hear 47’s new voice… horrendous!

EDIT: Just found out Bateson is back on board… PRE-ORDERED!

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