Stylized Office

An experiment in stylized interior architectural visualization.



The CGI in the new series of Battlestar Galactica is absolutely stunning… except for the Cylons! The new Cylons are extremely bland and completely lack what made the originals so awesome.  Naturally I had to have a go myself


One unique element to this piece was working out a way of rendering the bright lens flares glimmering off their chrome armor.  I needed a solution other than Photoshop fakery as this was originally an animated sequence and therefore would require a more procedural solution. I achieved the effect not through the native Maya solution of camera lens’ but through a modified specular render pass.


Maya Model

Vizor Animation


Final Render

Space Marine

fl test 5 ii

Chris on June 28, 2009 at 8:18 pm

Starting a blog…

no seriously

It really should be a design blog, but itll undoubtably turn into some kind of rant archive.  Give it time


Had an idea for a quick & simple architectural visualisation.  Three identical, basic buildings and a whole load of render layers.offices


I originally modelled this over a weekend before giving a lecture in ‘mechanical’ UV mapping.  A nice mix of right angles and curves made it a great demo.

Sontaran Battlecruiser

sont_rend sontaranbattlecruiser

As a freelance 3D Artist I have worked with a variety of clients including museums, IT firms, defence contractors, engineering & aircraft companies and universities.  I have worked both individually and as part of a team, on a range of projects.

In addition to this I have given specialist lectures on advanced 3D techniques at Staffordshire University.