I love these two… so let me just make it clear, the Hodge Twins come across as totally honest & open minded and usually dispence solid advice, based on their genuine opinion of things they have tried themselves.  Plus they are hilarious.  Even if your not interested in bodybuilding they are well worth subscribing to.

2:10 “He’s got those even abs (but) I’ve got fucked up abs”

So, lord Keith has symetrical abs and lord Kevin has asymetrical abs. They go on to state it’s genetic and nothing can be done about it.  This is THE de facto wisdom found on every fitness website I’ve ever visited. However, the giant issue with the statment in this particular circumstance is that they are identical twins…. ie genetically idetical…. therefore NOT GENETIC.

They have almost identical weight lifting regimes and past jobs etc, so training wouldnt appear to be the cause.  I have no more info than that unfortunately.  I just wanted it on the record somewhere, in case anyone else had wondered, that the ab symetry is genetic line is bs.

On the off chance there is a way of aligning them please let me know!

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